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to play an instrument


to live or recorded music


with yoga


Music Teacher • Performer • Yoga Instructor

meet lauren

Classically trained with nearly two decades of performance and teaching experience, I believe that both music and yoga should be fun and a pathway for creative expression.


I'd love to help you to find the fun in learning, listening, and yoga play. 

why music & play?

my philosophy


music and movement helps to build confidence in a variety of areas from emotional to physical


both yoga and music are a form of mindfulness practice that can train the brain to stay in the present moment


play has been shown to have numerous benefits for kids and adults alike. join me!


regular play with instruments and creative movement helps keep our creative juices flowing and keeps us in touch with our inner child. while traditional and structured musical training have their place, creatively experimenting with new ways of performance has numerous benefits as well


what's one of the best ways to keep us committed to something? make it fun!


engaging in activities that keep us fully present and mindful can significantly reduce stress


“I like that she is confident in me. She knows I can do it and she encourages me. I look forward to going to piano because it’s fun and I get to learn an instrument. She’s really good at helping me learn and she’s really good at piano too. And she knows how to play more than one instrument - banjo and guitar and a bunch of other stuff.”

— Celia, age 7


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